Personal escort in Moscow

The “Southern Lights” company offers personal business support in Moscow. This service can be required both as by the operating link of the companies, and individuals for whom service level on vacation or on a business trip means great value.


Meeting and sending to the airport, ordering of restaurants, cafe, the organization and coordination of business meetings can enter. The organization of leisure where both round on night clubs, and the organization of individual excursions, and also visit of theaters, exhibitions and other actions can be included into the functions of personal support.shutterstock_144792676-side-view-of-two-blurred-businessmen-talking-in-conference-room-web



We will especially note that we cooperate with the best attendants who know Vietnamese in perfection. It will allow guests from other countries to feel themselves in Moscow as at home. Besides, at service of foreigners we pay special attention to their safety while staying in our city, keeping them safe from banal deception and extortion of money.