During your excursion you will walk through one of the most charming and historic streets of Moscow – Arbat. By the way, there are two Arbat streets in Moscow – they are called New (the wide Avenue decorated with neon signs, boutiques, first class hotels and the trendiest restaurants) and the old Arbat – a pedestrian street with unique architecture , and its unique “face”.arbat

Its name street received the name of the area – Arbat, lying to the western from the Kremlin. The name of the Arbat was first mentioned in 1475 in one of the literary works. Here is located the building of theaters, museums, government facilities, restaurants, cafes, shops – the real focus of life!

By the way, this is the life on the Old Arbat does not calm down – the street is a favorite destination not only for foreign tourists but also indigenous inhabitants of the capital. All year round many talented musicians are here for their show, the artists are willing to spend hours to draw funny cartoons and sketches on memory, and on opening day you can purchase the work of contemporary “Picasso” and “Dali”.

platki_pavlovo_posadskie_Well, what kind of tourist center gift shops? On Arbat you can buy almost any souvenirs which you can think of from fridge magnets to samovars, painted nesting dolls to antiques and jewelry, and even paintings of the famous Pavlo-posadskie shawls, musical instruments and many other things! But the main thing-positive emotions-that you can’t buy, but you can get just walking along the beautiful Arbat street.

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MoscowMoscow’s history goes back for centuries.  In fact, settlements existed in the location of the present day capital during the Middle Ages.  However, the exact date of the city’s founding is unknown.  It is first mentioned in the Hypatian Chronicle: “On April 4, 1147, Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy received his friends and allies in a town Read more